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let your heart sing

SSVD_MK1 is a robot character with a voicebank for UTAU, a singing synthesizer programmed by Ameya/Ayame, originally only available in Japanese and created as a «manual Vocaloid» software that allowed users to create their own voice banks. There’s two modules: Spanish nJokis (This bank has been recorded in the Spanish nJokis recording method by bluCITRUS (@text_to_death) and works in tandem with Teren (@Teren000)’s AutoVCCV_nJokis Spanish plugin, making this the easiest way to input Spanish lyrics on UTAU.) and Japanese Lite (This bank is a fully recorded Power-like Japanese Lite (CV) bank which can be used by writing in Hiragana.)
Download SSVD voicebank (2020.7)

Complete (ESP+JPN) ESP JPN
Download AutoVCCV_nJokis (2020)

◻ Height: 1,65 cm ◻ Voice range: G#2 - E4
◻ Weight: 210 kg ◻ Voice type: Soft - Sweet
◻ Model: Singing Shark Voice Data Mk1 ◻ Accent: European Spanish (North)
An MMD model for SSVD_MK1 is in progress.
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Where does this character come from?
In real life, this character came from a project I had planned some years ago to produce a Spanish voicebank. After seeing Text_To_Death's reclist and Teren's plugin, I decided to record one and give it a try. Lore-wise, this robot is created by Sishork, which is an OC of mine.
Why will its voicebank distribution be stopped?
It's not what the current "market" seems to prefer on UTAU banks (HQ Multipitch banks) so this is merely just a test I want to share. If there's enough interest, I may release it to the public without any limit. Currently, the bank will still be available but won't be updated as usual.
Why is it so low quality?
This was recorded with merely a Razer headset and then edited via Audacity to delete the extra noise on some phonemes. Currently I don't have any way to make them sound clearer.